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The Social Work Advantage

We admit it, the name Painefree® is a creative spin off our founder, Marissa Q. Paine’s last name, but believe us when we tell you, the meaning behind our name goes so much deeper than that.

Truth is, if you think about it, Painefree® is actually a bit of an oxymoron.

Afterall, we’re in the business of change, and everybody knows that managing change comes with a lot of pain, right?


Yes, change, whether personal or institutional, can be uncomfortable, and admittedly, sometimes a wee bit painful, but the commonly cited statistic of 80% of change efforts failing is not so much about change in and of itself; it’s actually more about how that change is handled.  

That’s where the real beauty of our name comes in.  

The Element That Matters Most

At The Painefree Group, we take the strain out of growth and change by skillfully managing the one element that distinguishes successful change initiatives from failed ones – the human element!

Our consulting approach is built on the century-old tenets of social work, a profession that borrows from numerous human-behavior disciplines including psychology, sociology, politics, criminology, education, health, philosophy, anthropology and counseling. We call this the social work advantage.

In addition to being educated and experienced in their respective disciplines, our coaches, trainers, facilitators and consultants are highly skilled at helping individuals, teams and organizations successfully navigate the thoughts, feelings and actions that instinctively come when people are asked to change, and we are exceptional at creating solutions that factor those dynamics into the process to help ensure more successful results.  

That is what eases the strain and makes working with us, Painefree®. 

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