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The Painefree Coaching & Consulting Group is a change management and performance improvement company providing coaching, training, facilitation, organizational planning and change and transition management services that builds better leaders, stronger teams and less painful work environments.

Founded by public relations executive turned organizational social worker, Marissa Q. Paine, The Painefree Group (TPG) aims to be a source of  “tangible relief” for business and nonprofit executives charged with leading and guiding organizational performance.

TPG helps ease the strain of organizational growth and change by providing services that address day-to-day management realities of leaders including strategic decision-making, board and leadership development, team building, business and strategic planning, program development, process improvements, change management and more.


To be the driving force behind the successful realization of individual and organizational visions that strengthen communities and improve lives.

As change consultants, we take your vision and L.E.A.D.


Launch: Get it started

      Enhance: Make it better

      Advance: Take it further

     Deliver: Get it done


To stand out in our industry as the preeminent advisory firm for compelling leaders, teams and organizations to their highest and best selves; thereby leaving indelible impactful legacies on our families, our communities and our world.


Authentic Counsel
With our client’s best interest at heart, we pride ourselves on being genuine, transparent, upfront and honest as we offer advice and make recommendations.  We don’t take lightly the trust our clients place in us and we commit to honor that trust with sincere authenticity. We honor this value internally with one another and strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable doing the same.

Informed Practice
We use research, best- and promising practices, subject matter experts and our own field experience as the foundation upon which we build the strategies and solutions we present. We maintain a commitment to stay current in our areas of service, and when we’re not, we connect and collaborate with those who are.

Attentive Service
We have expertise, but we honor our clients as the true experts about their organization. We are sensitive to unique customs and cultures of every group we work with and we work carefully to develop solutions that are responsive to the size and capacity of those we serve. We believe in good old fashioned service at the highest level.

Exceptional Results
There’s a reason there’s an “e” in painefree. Simply put, our goal is to accomplish YOUR goal, exceptionally well. This for us is a core organizational value, which means we measure and evaluate our effectiveness, and we know we’ve missed the mark, we fix it.

Yellow Roses
We believe that life is short and humans are human; so we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We smile. We laugh. We cry. We live life fully,  and responsibly; pausing to smell the roses along the way. We value friendships and family. We stand for what is right and just, and we partner with those who share these values.


  6 Seconds Certified


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