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Organizational Myths

A good leader and a great idea are all that’s needed for an organization to be successful.

When an executive leaves, the vacancy should be filled right away to avoid losing momentum.

Understanding your competitor’s activities isn’t important as long as you’re doing your good well.

Organizational change is inevitable. To be effective, organizations must be able to adapt.  For example, consider:bigstock-A-roadblock-barricade-tells-yo-47645281

  • Having a good leader and a good idea is great, but without effective execution, even the best ideas can fall flat; impacting morale, funding, customer satisfaction and a host of other concerns.
  • Hiring a new leader before you’ve properly assessed the organization’s needs and addressed any lurking crises can create leadership frustration, staff turnover, wasted resources and stunted organizational growth.
  • Starting a new initiative without an awareness of the activities of the competitors and possible collaborators around you puts your work in a vacuum that can set you up for failure before you start.

So who helps leaders navigate this type of organizational change?

We do!

The Painefree Coaching & Consulting Group was established to  provide support and “tangible relief” to everyday leaders, those corporate, small business and nonprofit executives charged with leading and guiding organizational performance, growth and change.

Our three-step service model helps leaders confidently address day-to-day management realities like:

  • strengthening internal infrastructure
  • aligning goals and strategy
  • managing conflict
  • training and developing staff
  • changing organizational culture
  • strengthening organizational effectiveness, and more.

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