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bigstock--team-People--Mutual-Relat-48854720A skilled facilitator makes things easier. Easier to learn. Easier to process. Easier to decide.

In the words of our friends at the Interaction Institute, “every high stakes decision, strategy, or important convening deserves skillful design and facilitation”.

The Painefree Group is thrilled to offer skilled facilitation to help you feel more confident when working with multiple stakeholders, managing complex group decision making processes, planning for the organization’s future and other high stakes organizational change.

Or perhaps you just need to be a participant for once, and see real value in allowing an external facilitator design and drive your meeting?

In either scenario, our facilitation services are highly customizable and always include a consultation to ensure the desired outcomes for each stakeholder are identified and the design is adequate to successfully achieve those goals.

Some examples of where our facilitation services are used include:

        1. Meetings & Retreats of Every Kind
        2. Team Building & Five Behaviors of a Team Sessions
        3. John Maxwell Leadership Mastermind Groups
        4. Executive Roundtables
        5. Power of the Peer™ Action Learning Circles
        6. Strategic Planning Processes
        7. Strategic-Thinking Sessions
        8. Conflict Management & Mediation
        9. Focus Groups & Listening Tours
        10. The Leadership Game

If you’d like to discuss how a skilled facilitator may be useful for a process you’re currently managing,click the button below to schedule a FREE exploratory conversation to discuss further!

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