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No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself.

— Andrew Carnegie

Whether you represent a Fortune 500 corporation, a growing small business, a busy nonprofit, a government agency or a volunteer association, its critical that you prioritize leadership and team development as a part of your organization’s growth and sustainability strategy because as we like to say at The Painefree Group, Leadership is the new Profit™.

It’s true, while there are numerous factors that separate “good” organizations, from “great” ones, you’d be hard pressed to find research that doesn’t include leadership as a critical prerequisite for having a healthy, high-performing organization…and no leader, no matter how great, can achieve their mission without a high-performing, results oriented team backing them up.Dragon boat race crew

The Painefree Group recognizes that getting your team to “row in the same direction” is sometimes easier said than done; that’s why we offer a variety of services that support leaders in building strong, cohesive teams.

We offer coaching, training and facilitation services that address the day-to-day team realities of building teams including:

  • navigating personality conflicts
  • aligning goals and strategy
  • managing conflict
  • increasing core competencies
  • changing organizational culture
  • facilitating group think, and more.

And true to our core values, we partner with leaders in the industry to deliver research-based curriculum that ensures results-oriented outcomes.

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Communication/Work Styles

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Social & Emotional Intelligence

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Essential Skills in Leadership & Management

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Board & Leadership Team Retreats

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