The Profit Maker Business Coaching Package

Whether you are ready to JUMP START YOUR NEW BUSINESS, or you need a NEW START for the business you already have, The Profit Maker is for you.

Using our “Seven Key Questions” model for building a profitable business, we’ll take a critical look at your business concept and/or results to date and create a plan that will position you for the success you desire.

The Profit Maker includes:

  • {1} Painefree Profile which includes a Personality, Sales & Mode of Operating Assessment; plus our CORE Business Inventory
  • {1} 90-minute Self-Discovery Session to validate your profile results and gain insights about how your style affects your business management
  • {1} 90-minute X-Ray Visioning Session to review your business results to date and clarify your vision
  • {10} 50-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions via phone, video or face-to-face from our office (If you’re local, we’re happy to come to you for an additional fee, however, we find that its best to get out of the office in order to avoid distractions.)
  • YOUR CHOICE OF {1} 90-Minute Training OR {1} Document/Plan/Proposal Review & Feedback OR {1} Customized Document or Template Creation
  • eSupport for the duration of the program

Click the button below to schedule a FREE exploratory conversation to express interest, discuss your goals and determine whether The Profit Maker is right for you!

Here’s what we’ll cover in your one-on-one sessions:

  1. Product/Services: You’ll present your product and/or service to me as if I were an ideal client; and then, as an objective participant, I’ll share my feedback, and together, we’ll challenge some of your assumptions in order to strengthen your product offering.
  2. Big Picture: Like most things, business success follows the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your success is connected to what you THINK you can do; twenty percent is the actual doing. We’ll get clear about your why so you have it to lean on when times get tough.
  3. People: This is primarily about your business’s target audience (i.e. ideal client/customer), but personnel and strategic partners often come up here as well. How clear you are on who you’re serving can make all the difference in how successful you are.
  4. Pain Point: No, we’re not talking about what’s causing YOU the most grief right now, although we will always cover this in our initial “check-ins” before we dig into the topic of the day. The “pain point” is where we’ll get clear on the problem your target audience is having and how your product or service can solve it. Another key to your success.
  5. Pricing & Profit: If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: How do I know what to charge? How do I write a proposal? How much should I pay myself? Yep, we’ll talk about the nitty gritty, and get clear on the right answers for you and your business.
  6. Placement & Promotion: The greatest product or service in the world would go unnoticed (and unsold) if it weren’t properly placed and promoted. Where are you now? Where should you be? What should you be saying?
  7. Positioning: There are other people doing what you do. Why should they choose you? If you don’t know, your customers won’t either!

By the end of this program, you will have new insight and proven strategies to position your business for growth – GUARANTEED!

Click the button below to schedule a FREE exploratory conversation to express interest, discuss your goals and determine whether The Profit Maker is right for you!

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