The Problem Solver Executive Coaching Package

The “Problem Solver” provides motivated business owners, chief executives, senior leaders and management professionals with a trusted advisor, objective sounding board, strategic thinking partner and skilled leadership coach all in one to help you successfully address your most pressing leadership or organizational challenge(s).

From redesigning organizational structure, maximizing partner relationships and implementing process improvements to launching new programs, surviving in a new role or developing a new program, the Problem Solver merges coach and consultant to help you create a win-win strategy and support you through implementation.

The Problem Solver package includes:

  • {1} Painefree Profile which includes an online personality and Mode of Operating Assessment
  • {2} 120-minute Strategy Session
  • {4} 60-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions via phone, video or face-to-face from my home office (If you’re local, we’ll come to you for an additional fee, but we typically recommend you get out of the office for this work in order to minimize distractions.)
  • {3} 15-minute Laser Coaching Sessions for quick consults as needed
  • eSupport in between sessions as needed

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