Leadership Assessments

chessThe Painefree Group utilizes a Seven-Step Change Model adapted from the field of social work to develop outcome-driven change solutions for its clients.

Research-based assessments and data analysis are a key component of this process.

Following are some of the assessment tools used by our associates.



Leader Assessments

  • Everything DiSC Management, Leadership, Sales
  • True Colors
  • Social Emotional Profile
  • Kolbe A
  • Painefree Perspectives 360 Degree Qualitative Feedback
  • 360 Degree Quantitative Feedback (LVS, LPI, Everything DiSC 363, SEP)

Board Assessments

  • Board Check Up
  • Customized Board Self Assessment
  • BoardSource Assessment

Organization Assessments

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Nonprofit Life Cycle Assessment
  • iCAT
  • Vital Signs

Team Assessments

  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Assessment

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The Painefree Group’s Adapted Seven-Step Planned Change Model

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